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otaga01d Skype 4.1 update
Member 22nd May, 2010 05:21
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I downloaded the update, but the install failed saying the administrator had established a policy which didn't allow for the update. I have administrator privileges on my laptop, what seems to be the problem? Any ideas? Thanks.

mogs RE: Skype 4.1 update
Expert Contributor 22nd May, 2010 09:49
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What Operating System are you using ? Please include as much information as seen below or in other posts. Regards.

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otaga RE: Skype 4.1 update
Member 23rd May, 2010 22:40
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Sorry, I didn't expand with enough detail, my omission. I worked around the problem by updating the application directly from the application itself. Appreciate your help. Sorry to be a bit dense but I don't see an Accept option. In any event, the problem has been resolved.
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