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Forum Thread: PSI should have update link for itself

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mrbob969 PSI should have update link for itself
Member 30th May, 2010 00:07
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User Since: 22nd Jun, 2009
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Recently, I got a popup from PSI saying a new version was available, but was given no option to get the new version. I have searched all the windows in PSI, and around the frame, but I could not find an update link. I did get the update by going to the Securia website, looking for the PSI product, and getting to the download page that way.

So how about a link for that? Or even a "Check for updates" link?

I guess that having an out-fof-date PSI is not considered a "threat", so PSI does not report on itself????

Vasudha RE: PSI should have update link for itself
Member 30th May, 2010 01:05
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User Since: 15th Nov 2008
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I got the pop-up yesterday but didn't have time to do it. When I tried today, I wasn't finihed with logging on to my server and that's perhaps why I got a message to say it had failed. I rebooted and tried again but it was ten minutes getting information so I cancelled. What's the story?
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getsmart37 RE: PSI should have update link for itself
Member 30th May, 2010 03:34
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User Since: 30th May 2010
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Location: AU
Last edited on 30th May, 2010 03:36
I received the Pop up notice this morning Sun30th.
No problem I downloaded it to the desk top then installed it not a problem

The only problem I had was I had to subscribe here using a different name. I just added 37 after getsmart and her I am. Which seems wrong any way

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TiMow RE: PSI should have update link for itself
Dedicated Contributor 30th May, 2010 09:31
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User Since: 26th Jun 2009
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Location: CH
Last edited on 30th May, 2010 11:40
Hi All

As you're probably aware, PSI updates don't happen too often, and are normally cosmetic as opposed to security related. We are notified by the pop up bubble (except the one before, which just included some language additions, and was deemed not necessary to inform).

The following current thread deals with the new update and subsequent problems that some have been experiencing (and solutions):

If you click the bubble, this initiates the download/installation process. However, as I understand it, reading the above thread (as of now I'm waiting to update), this uses IE, where a lot of problems are occurring.

If you use Firefox (or Chrome), go to the top of any Secunia web page, and hover curser over Products, then choose PSI from dropdown, you will then see a blue download box - you can then use this to update, with what appears to be better success.


EDIT: Just now updated using my suggested method above (using Ff.), without problems.

Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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taffy078 RE: PSI should have update link for itself
Contributor 30th May, 2010 12:52
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User Since: 26th Feb 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: UK
Last edited on 30th May, 2010 12:52
another thing that you can do to be alerted to updates on this and other programs is to visit It will email you when there's an update.

For full info, see @Maurice Joyce's post 28.5.2010 01:41 in this thread:

It worked for me!

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

Desktop: Compaq Presario (OEM) 32 bit / AMD Athlon / 2 GB RAM
XP Home - SP3/ IE8/ Norton IS - Secunia PSI v2.0.0.3003

Laptop: Win 7 / IE11 / PSI v2.0.0.3003
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