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Forum Thread: Wish to Forum_SW: allow replay also after an issue has been resol...

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mmo Wish to Forum_SW: allow replay also after an issue has been resolved.
Member 3rd Jun, 2010 17:54
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User Since: 28th Apr, 2009
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Location: CH
I wanted to reply to an append and thank the person for solving my issue but I had already prior marked the thread as resolved. I find it stupid, that the forum-SW doesn't allow me to reply to an append any more after that flag has been set! At least it should make one aware that this will prevent future appends to this thread so one can add that last append prior to declaring the thread solved!


Anthony Wells RE: Wish to Forum_SW: allow replay also after an issue has been resolved.
Expert Contributor 3rd Jun, 2010 18:17
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User Since: 19th Dec 2007
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Last edited on 3rd Jun, 2010 18:26
Hello Michael ,

Having a "problem solved" button as well as/instead of the "accept" button which locks the thread would make sense .

As far as I know , the reasoning for "accept" and instant locking is to stop "piggybacking" and "pirating" of threads and a long thread "losing" the solution in clutter . Even then , quite a few new "threads" could well have fitted into a locked thread .

As you give 5 points to the person whose post you accept and some posters include a "standard" request to choose accept when the final position has not been fully considered , then "early" locking of threads is frequent and I think that we have lost some of the politesse (and "doubtful" humour) which used to grace the Forum .

There are plenty of other problems relating to Forum voting currently on the boil in other threads , so a bit more for the pot .

All in all , my long winded thanks to you for taking the trouble to repost , tho' I got the "message" that Ian's research had worked for you ; I hope he did/does as well .

Take care

PS: if you click on "about" in the column to the left of this page , it tells you about scoring and locking by "accept" .


It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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barbareska RE: Wish to Forum_SW: allow replay also after an issue has been resolved.
Member 3rd Jun, 2010 19:14
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User Since: 27th Jan 2010
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Location: AT
hi Anthony,
Im glad I found this text, because I too wantet to thank you, but by accepting - everything was locked !

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This thread has been marked as locked.

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