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Adobe Flash Player 10.x

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Normy How do I delete programs
Member 7th Jul, 2010 20:11
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Secunia scan shows that I have 5 versions of this program, how can I delete 4 of them?.
In control Panel> add / Remove it only shows 1 version.
Thank you.

mogs RE: How do I delete programs
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Are you using psi with the Advanced interface ? If not, switch to it to gain more info. ( Top right of the psi panel.)
You will notice that there is a +sign alongside insecurities shown: click on it, and it will expand to reveal the file path....then click on Tech Details to confirm it. If uncertain how to proceed from there, post that info back to the forum.
If you havn't read thro the FAQ' on the following link :-
Hope this helps for now....regards

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ddmarshall RE: How do I delete programs
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Check the Installation Path to ensure these are not being detected in a backup location. If not, then:

Download the Adobe Uninstaller from:

Close all applications. Close Secunia by right clicking the tray icon and clicking 'Exit'. Run the uninstaller. Restart your computer. You will need to reinstall the latest Flash Player.

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