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mikensuzy1969 Java Update 6 constantly needs re-installed?
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For months now I've noticed PSI telling me I have a vulnerability in a Java Update V.6 - (usually Update 20) and when I download the Patch ALWAYS says "This software has already been installed on your computer. Do you want to re-install it?" Usually I say yes and it just re-installs it. Then PSI will say its patched, (scans clean); then a few days/weeks later the SAME exact update -Java 6 update 20 - will show up again as a vulnerability. This happens on both laptops, one running Vista & one running 7 (both have Secunia PSI, obviously).Does anyone else have this problem? And does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or of a solution?

mogs RE: Java Update 6 constantly needs re-installed?
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Please take a look at the following thread....particularly the post by Maurice Joyce.

PS...It's best not to use your e mail address on an open forum if you wish to avoid attracting spam.

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