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Forum Thread: Proposal about "Secure Brosing"

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Ascendor Proposal about "Secure Brosing"
Member 31st Jul, 2010 13:22
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User Since: 13th May, 2010
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Location: DE
Thanks to Secunia PSI I'm keeping all my programs secure all the time (right now 215 programs) - the only programs that continue being unsecure all the time are (some of) the browsers. One day it's firefox, the next day it's Chrome, and so on.

I tend to listen to these security warnings and always use the most secure (green) browser, if applicable. But it's pretty nasty. You always have to exchange links, have to set the browser in the default programs of windows... and that's where my proposal comes in: I'd like to have a setting in PSI to automatically set the default browser (and maybe exchange some links in task bar etc.) when the vulnerability information updates. If there are more than one secure browsers, maybe PSI could offer the user the possibility to prioritize the browsers (1st browser: FF, 2nd browser Chrome, a.s.o.)

For me this would make staying secure a lot easier. What do you think?

Anthony Wells RE: Proposal about "Secure Brosing"
Expert Contributor 31st Jul, 2010 15:55
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User Since: 19th Dec 2007
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Last edited on 31st Jul, 2010 16:01
Hi ,

An interesting point , but the Secunia PSI does not tell you what to do , nor do anything that you have not chosen to do , it offers advice .

Question is : is say Chrome more or less vulnerable than say Firefox with a cat 2 vulnerability ?? or vice versa ?? or any combination you choose ??

Nothing is 100% and the safest thing is using what you know correctly and observing "safe surfing" rules Many people swear by IE8 - and not to mention IE 6 and 7 - even if it/they still has/have the ongoing "minor" vulnerability !!

There are plenty of toolbars , add-ons and built in modules to let you share loads of stuff between browsers , anyway .

Checking every day/so often means that you are the decider , that's how I think it should be :))

Take care


It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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Ascendor RE: Proposal about "Secure Brosing"
Member 31st Jul, 2010 18:27
Score: 1
Posts: 8
User Since: 13th May 2010
System Score: N/A
Location: DE
on 31st Jul, 2010 15:55, Anthony Wells wrote:

Checking every day/so often means that you are the decider , that's how I think it should be :))

I don't have a problem with deciding (I'm an IT professional), I'm just lazy (again, I'm an IT professional :D). I understand your concerns that PSI shouldn't decide for the user - that's why I proposed making it optional and letting the user make a prioritized list...
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