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Grasshopper Repeated Patches
Member 8th Aug, 2010 08:14
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Why am I seeing continuous repeats of the same patches on, at least, a daily basis? Additions and Deletions both. I realize that these notices generate from the provider but can't it be filtered to preclude the same entry repeating over and over?

I'm running W7, 64bit.

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This user no longer exists RE: Repeated Patches
Member 9th Aug, 2010 09:15

Which programs are you specifically getting warnings for several times?

Please try comparing the "Installation path" field of each detection with the other. Any chance the other detections are backups or something similar? (Post the paths here if in doubt).

Have you tried rebooting and rescanning?

hope this helps.
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Grasshopper RE: Repeated Patches
Member 11th Aug, 2010 20:17
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Same repeats. Checked and appears to be reading the backup files on satellite hard drive. OK - now understood - but still redundant. Is there a way to block the reading of the backup files?

Now - subscribed to thread but no Email notice of your response.
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mogs RE: Repeated Patches
Expert Contributor 11th Aug, 2010 21:00
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See Running and Scanning note 1 here :- An Ignore rule won't prevent the files being scanned.....but they won't be continually explained in the note; you should consider carefully.
Hope this helps...regards,

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