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Forum Thread: Historische ontwikkeling en Programma Overzicht verdwenen

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gcs1933 Historische ontwikkeling en Programma Overzicht verdwenen
Member 13th Aug, 2010 15:29
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User Since: 24th Mar, 2009
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Location: NL
Plotseling is het Programma Overzicht en de Historische Ontwikkeling van het overzicht verdwenen. Op die plaatsen staat vermeld: installeer Flash en dat heb ik gedaan en na het scannen worden beide toch niet weergegeven. Bovendien heb ik eerst de bestaande Flash verwijderd alvorens de nieuwe te installeren.
Weet iemand de oorzaak?

This user no longer exists RE: Historische ontwikkeling en Programma Overzicht verdwenen
Member 13th Aug, 2010 15:39
Last edited on 13th Aug, 2010 15:40 The Above Post, as translated by (From Dutch, btw):
"Suddenly, the Program Overview and Historical Development of the Survey disappeared. In those places is stated: Install Flash and I did and after scanning the two do not appear. Moreover, I first removed the existing flash before the new installation.
Does anyone know the cause?"


First off, this is a primarily English-language forum. There are probably dutch users, but if you wish to reach the entire community (which means better and faster help for you), English is definitively preferable.

The PSI uses the ActiveX version of Flash that is installed in Internet Explorer. To view animated content, the PSI relies on Flash. You need to have a working installation of Flash in internet explorer to view animations in the PSI. Once you've installed IE flash, please reboot and start the PSI again. Hopefully the animations should be shown.

hope this helps.
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gcs1933 RE: Historic Development and Program Review disappeared suddenly.
Member 13th Aug, 2010 17:55
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Posts: 12
User Since: 24th Mar 2009
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Location: NL
Suddenly disappeared The Historic Development and The program Review
in PSI.
Instead there is a message saying: install Flash.
Well, I have removed the old one and installed the latest one, thereafter I reboot and scanned, however the problem has not been solved.
It has worked already for several years without any problem.

What is the reason that those items suddenly disappeared?
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Anthony Wells RE: Historische ontwikkeling en Programma Overzicht verdwenen
Expert Contributor 14th Aug, 2010 13:49
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User Since: 19th Dec 2007
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Last edited on 14th Aug, 2010 13:52
HI ,

Some time ago , this*** happened quite a lot ; it has/had not been "reported" recently.

You are the second person to report it in the last few days .

What is your OS ??

What version of the PSI do you have loaded ??

Do you have the latest secure version(s) of Flash ActiveX and NPAPI loaded and showing in the PSI "patched" tab - seen using "advanced mode .

What files are listed in the ..\system32\Macromed\.. folder ??


*** the loss of the pretty display .


It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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This thread has been marked as locked.

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