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Forum Thread: Trouble running PSI on Windows XP

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jantink Trouble running PSI on Windows XP
Member 14th Aug, 2010 07:58
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User Since: 14th Aug, 2010
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Location: US
Last edited on 14th Aug, 2010 08:00

I was able to download, install, and run PSI just fine on my Windows Vista laptop.

BUt when I tried to do the same on my Windows XP desktop, this is what I end up with after it installs:

(unknown source)
Unable to retrieve PSI user ID from Securia.

Please verify that you are able to connect to and then restart PSI.

NOTE: Proxy support of PSI is currently unavailable, but is planned for a future release. If your system requires access to the internet through a proxy you will not be able to use the application at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Any idea how to get it to run? Both laptop and desktop are connected through the same broadband connection. The laptop is connected wirelessly, but the desktop is not.

taffy078 RE: Trouble running PSI on Windows XP
Contributor 14th Aug, 2010 08:31
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User Since: 26th Feb 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: UK
Last edited on 14th Aug, 2010 08:38
Hi. Are the IE8 settings** the same on your desktop?

Have you registered your Secunia profile on it?

I suggest that you take a look at this:

** There's also a Q&A there about IE settings.

Also, what version of Secunia are you using?

EDIT: PS. My desktop is XP & my laptop (wireless) Win 7. After I got the laptop, I registered my existing Secunia profile on it per that Q&A and have no problems.

Hoping this helps!

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

Desktop: Compaq Presario (OEM) 32 bit / AMD Athlon / 2 GB RAM
XP Home - SP3/ IE8/ Norton IS - Secunia PSI v2.0.0.3003

Laptop: Win 7 / IE11 / PSI v2.0.0.3003
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jantink RE: Trouble running PSI on Windows XP
Member 17th Aug, 2010 02:10
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Posts: 2
User Since: 14th Aug 2010
System Score: N/A
Location: US
I figured it out.

Once I found out that the link was trying to open in IE (which I don't use and hadn't even run in forever) I opened IE and found it was in offline mode. I connected it, ran PSI again and no problem.

Thanks for your help!
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This user no longer exists RE: Trouble running PSI on Windows XP
Member 17th Aug, 2010 10:11

The PSI makes use of IE (which is build-in to every windows system) to render it's UI and connect to the servers. This is why IE connection settings affect the behaviour of the PSI, and why the PSI can't run unless IE can contact the internet.

Though the PSI always uses your default browser for normal links, Microsoft Products (that use Microsoft Update) require you to use Internet Explorer, as this is the only browser supported by Microsoft Update.

For more information about IE settings required by the PSI, please see

hope this helps.
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