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Sun Microsystems
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Java Web Start 6.x

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mportner Solution
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This show as a security threat level 4. I have applied the solution and rescanned yet it still shows as a security threat level 4 What next?

mogs RE: Solution
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Above are links to two threads which you might find helpful reading.
Particularly note M.Joyce's post if viewing the second.
As a general rule...whenever you update a program, it will often leave behind the older version/file, which Secunia continues to detect, even if still residing in the Recycle bin.
Whenever you post to the forum...please provide as much information as save you having to repeat it, you can include it when setting/filling in your Signature field in My Profile ( as you see below in mine. )
The FAQ's here may also be found useful reading, if you havn't already done so. FAQ's

Hope this helps......regards,

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