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Forum Thread: Choice to configure exit or minimise to tray for Secunia

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PSI 2.0 Beta

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amhoyle Choice to configure exit or minimise to tray for Secunia
Member 25th Aug, 2010 22:50
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Location: UK
I suppose many people leave Secunia running all the time for the advantages of "Enable program monitoring" and also have PSI load on boot. It's great that I can choose to enable or disable these.

Now what I really hate about PSI is that clicking the X to close the app minimises tha app to the tray overriding the most common application behaviour in Windows.

To actually exit the app, I then have to right click the tray icon and select close. Then a message asks if I do really want to close. By this point I've done at least 3 clicks in different parts of the screen to do something that should be the default behaviour for the X in the corner.

Some may be happy with this but for advanced users it may be annoying. It would be very easy to provide an option to disable this feature - there are already the other two options for how the program starts and runs.

To be honest if "Enable program monitoring" is not checked, the app should not minimise to the tray anyway!!


thedillpickl RE: Choice to configure exit or minimise to tray for Secunia
Contributor 26th Aug, 2010 03:20
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Location: US
Last edited on 26th Aug, 2010 03:23
Hi amhoyle;

Sorry to hear this is a problem.

Many security software programs act in the same manner. If you open the home page for your security suite and click the X, does it close or minimize to the tray? Webroot and Avira minimize to the tray. This is done so that someone who doesn't know better won't accidentally shut something off they shouldn't. Annoying when you do know better, but sensible.

I have my HP laptop configured to allow almost nothing to start /check for updates on boot. It is often off line and even then on dial-up. It has plenty of memory & speed but why wait for no reason. Once a week, on maintenance day, I make a point of starting PSI and run a manual scan. I keep an eye on the 'goings on' and usually can update before PSI automatic weekly scan would catch something. Sometimes it catches something I miss. The program monitoring is to watch for added or removed programs not their update status (as far as I have observed). Any rate, the utilities it provides are worthwhile.

> To save yourself a step, remember to right click the tray icon first, then exit. You will still have the annoying "Are you sure?" window. :(
> If "Enable program monitoring" is disabled, consider not even starting PSI until ready to use (weekly, at least).



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This user no longer exists RE: Choice to configure exit or minimise to tray for Secunia
Member 26th Aug, 2010 09:03

I agree with your observation, and have suggested a correction of this behaviour for the next version. Thank you for reporting, and for caring about the Secunia PSI.
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Anthony Wells RE: Choice to configure exit or minimise to tray for Secunia
Expert Contributor 26th Aug, 2010 12:25
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Last edited on 26th Aug, 2010 12:29
Hello ,

I like the click x giving a minimise to tray icon so that I don't have the "Secunia minimised block" in the tray where it can/take(s) up unnecessary space , at times . As Fred says you can exit direct from the tray icon .

I certainly would hate the click x to clean out the tray icon at the same time

We all seem to agree on the annoying confirm step after selecting exit .

I hope the rechecking of "enable program monitoring" at restart bug will also be fixed .

Take care



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This user no longer exists RE: Choice to configure exit or minimise to tray for Secunia
Member 27th Aug, 2010 08:40

Thank you for your feedback. Hope isn't always futile.

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