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Forum Thread: Keep getting alerts on Adobe Flash

You are currently viewing a forum thread in the Secunia Community Forum. Please note that opinions expressed here are not of Secunia but solely reflect those of the user who wrote it.

This thread was submitted in the following forum:

Relating to this vendor:
Adobe Systems
And, this specific program:
Adobe Flash Player 10.x

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sunny1985 Keep getting alerts on Adobe Flash
Member 27th Aug, 2010 05:11
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User Since: 27th Aug, 2010
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Location: US
Last edited on 27th Aug, 2010 05:12

Each time I turn on the computer Secunia shows that version as insecure.

However I followed all the threads on it, did each step. I know I have Adobe Flash Player Active X, and also Flash Player plug in They are both listed in the Control Panel.

I updated on August 15 following the directions, took quite a while to get them all done as I sort of went in circles.

Secunia keeps warning about version, yet I can find it nowhere on my computer.

Should I just ignore the warning? I just went back and read any threads I could find, and none seem to address what to do if the program is not there.

thedillpickl RE: Keep getting alerts on Adobe Flash
Contributor 27th Aug, 2010 05:44
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User Since: 3rd May 2009
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Location: US
Hi sunny1985;

Welcome to the Secunia forum.

Forgive me, I'm on the wrong computer and do not have my notes.

> Open PSI in advanced mode, top right "Simple" is blue & "Advanced" is black, if not click on "Advanced".
> Click on "Insecure" tab, click on the [+] to the left of Flash, click on "Technical Details".
> What is the Installation Path to the files?
> Click on "Open Folder", this opens the folder with the old file. You must close all browsers & PSI. Delete the file (ActiveX will be the "h"). Repeat this step for second Flash file.

If unable to delete files or problem continues, post back here.



XP Home
Chrome, Firefox, IE8
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TiMow RE: Keep getting alerts on Adobe Flash
Dedicated Contributor 27th Aug, 2010 07:54
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User Since: 26th Jun 2009
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Location: CH
To add/expand on Fred's reply:

Flash often does not remove the old, insecure .ocx file, which is what is possibly still being flagged as insecure.

Follow Fred's above steps to navigate to file location (in Windows Explorer).

Once there, on r.h.s. are the different elements of flash. Look for the gear wheel icon(s) - Flash 10i.ocx ActiveX control is for the current update; Flash 10h.ocx is the old one - if present, this can be deleted (may require further deletion from Recycle bin, to fully clear insecurity).

Re-boot and re-scan PSI.

Alternatively clear out all Flash using Adobe Uninstall Flash:

Prior to running this close all programs that use flash (including PSI - right click tray icon and exit - can be re-opened from Start>All programs when finished).

Re-install current flash:

Use IE to download/install from here:

for ActiveX, and another browser to download/install from here:


Re-boot, re-open and re-scan PSI.

[Filehippo download sites do not include Adobe Download Mgr. (DLM), as does the Adobe Download Flash site - this is not needed and could be the root of future problems]


Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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sunny1985 RE: Keep getting alerts on Adobe Flash
Member 27th Aug, 2010 08:05
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Posts: 5
User Since: 27th Aug 2010
System Score: N/A
Location: US
Well, I think I got the older versions uninstalled. I could not do it through the path given....Windows Explorer kept closing when I highlighted the file.

So I did a search for the old version and just kept using the uninstaller that showed up.

Only one problem. Though I made sure the uninstall affected only the, it also took the newly installed up to date ones.

So I had to do another install by going to Adobe's site. I also got the Firefox plug in.

Secunia shows all is secure now. Whew!!

Thanks for the help. I do not like the way Vista closes up Windows Explorer when I right click or do anything. Never had that with XP.
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sunny1985 RE: Keep getting alerts on Adobe Flash
Member 27th Aug, 2010 08:08
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Posts: 5
User Since: 27th Aug 2010
System Score: N/A
Location: US
I think that might have been a problem, the uninstaller. I surely ended up with a lot of them. Will try the other site for download next time. I did have the older versions still, but they did not show up in the control panel..
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