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Sua Heng Kwang Will Secunia PSI get hack?
Member 29th Aug, 2010 13:07
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Hi,I just want to know whether Secunia PSI will protect itself from hackers or not?

mogs RE: Will Secunia PSI get hack?
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Like any other software on your set's best to use the most up to date version: that being' dependant on the Operating System, some have found satisfaction by reverting to
They're available here respectively :- VERSION
There is also an Auto Update version in it's "beta" stages..available here :-
You should still run adequate protection for your pc.
The FAQ's to check thro' correct set up of psi are shown here :-
Hope this is of some assistance.......regards,

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This user no longer exists RE: Will Secunia PSI get hack?
Member 30th Aug, 2010 12:08
Last edited on 30th Aug, 2010 12:08 Hi,

First, please understand the purpose of the PSI.

The PSI scans your PC for insecure applications, but does NOT seek to detect whether or not your system has already been compromised. The PSI attempts to deliver patches for the insecure applications, to get you up do date security wise.

So far, there has not been a single vulnerability in the PSI or CSI. We intend to keep it that way.
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