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Member 31st Aug, 2010 14:42
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I have the latest version of (3.2.1) installed. PSI continues to tell me to install the latest version. PSI does not appear to be working correctly. Please advise.

mogs RE:
Expert Contributor 31st Aug, 2010 16:27
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There is a thread here which may be found helpful :-
As a general rule tho', it's worth noting that when you update a prog, very often the older version gets left behind, which Secunia continues to detect, even if still residing in the Recycle bin.
The FAQ's may be found here :- worth keeping bookmarked for referral.
Hope this helps..........regards,

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Anthony Wells RE:
Expert Contributor 31st Aug, 2010 17:51
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Here is another thread where an older version of OOo was showing in the "insecure" tab of the PSI and the up to date version in the secure "tab" :-

Does this help ??



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This user no longer exists RE:
Member 1st Sep, 2010 07:58

Please enter Advanced Mode by clicking "Advanced" in the top right corner. Then, please check whether or not there is an entry for OpenOffice in both the Insecure and patched tab. If this is the case, the one shown in Insecure will probably be a leftover or remnant of an old version.

I suggest you post relevant version information, and the field "Installation Path" for both entries, as this is the information generally requested when dealing with update issues.

hope this helps.
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