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This user no longer exists Microsoft Updates
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Last week I did a complete restore on my computer. Someone updated the drivers and everything for me. Now I have to re-install all of the stuff I've put on my computer over the years so it will take me awhile.

Before the restore I was 100% up to date according to Secunia. Now two browsers are insecure (again!) and 6 other programs are insecure.

My question is this: When I try to update a Microsoft program, Outlook Express for example, Secunia takes me to an IE page and I have to sit there while it runs a check for Microsoft updates.

Not only has Microsoft been updating since I turned the computer back on, I also have Automatic Updates turned on, so I am wondering why MORE updating for Microsoft is necessary. I am really tired of watching those green slots zipping across the screen. and I have a lot of re-installing to do. There must be an easier way.

Thank you.


Anthony Wells RE: Microsoft Updates
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Hello Jitterbug ,

Until the PSI gives you the all clear and M$updates is adamant that you have got all the updates for your computer it is a question of running the update cycle and rebooting time after time - the restore is the complicated bit , the M$ updates simple (we hope) but endless .

It may help to get a second opinion when everything M$ KB security patch wise is said to be loaded by using Belarc Advisor (free) :-

It will also tell you which programmes are loaded and some useful details thereof .

Have a nice cup of tea and put your feet up , everything will get there in the end :))

Once the M$ side is up to date , if you are seeing insecure programmes , post the installation path of the "problems" and the version N's and let's see if we can help .

Take care



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This user no longer exists RE: Microsoft Updates
Member 2nd Sep, 2010 01:36

Thank you so much Anthony. I will check Belarc Advisor. I feel better already.

Best, jitterbug
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