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jopies mise à jour VLC media player
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Impossible de mettre à jour VLC inclus dans TV/PC de SFR. Comment faire?

ddmarshall RE: mise à jour VLC media player
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Il faut contacter SFR pour demander des conseils.

Peut-être que des utilisateurs de VLC francophones pourront vous aider.

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Anthony Wells RE: mise à jour VLC media player
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Bonjour @jopies ,

I have SFR as my internet provider (in the guise of TELE2) . My media players (I don't actually have VLC) are all located in my PC which is connected to display on my TV .

Updating your VLC should not need to involve your TV nor SFR . If your problem is due to a technical fault in your modem/neufbox then you will need to contact SFR .

What is your OS ?? Which version of the PSI are you using ?? Do you know how to find the installation path of the VLC ?? Which version of the VLC do you have ??

The language of the Forum is English and you will get better help from more people if you post in English ; replies will also be in English , even if one or two people on here speak French .

Nous attendons votre réponse :))



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