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Canineman I am unable to update i-Tunes to i-Tunes 10
Member 20th Sep, 2010 07:20
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I received a notice that Apple has an update to iTunes, but after waiting at my computer for over two hours for the download to finish, a popup appeared telling me, “the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package ‘itunes.msi’ in the box below.” I was unable to find an alternate path.

A second popup said, “errors occurred while installing the updates. If the problem persists, choose Tools > Download only and try installing manually.”

I did that.

Also, when I went to the Apple Support website to download the update, I didn’t know whether to “Save” the Download or “Run“ it; in either case, I encountered the same results.

I even tried to remove the older versions, a popup said, “the older version could no be removed.”


TiMow RE: I am unable to update i-Tunes to i-Tunes 10
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Hi Steve

Have you tried updating from within the program? (sorry. not clear from your post).

Open iTunes > Help > Check for Updates.

When the pop up box appears notifying you of iTunes 10, proceed from there.


EDIT: 2 further suggestions:
1) You can Google "iTunes.msi" - some of the search results (Apple Support Discussions) may offer an insight. The following may help:

Faulty link; click on it any way, and in the address bar after ID=12103215 delete the question mark and add the following manually: &#12103215

2)If you can't download/update from within iTunes (Check for Updates), there may be a fault with existing installation. Try this: Control Panel > Add/Remove > click iTunes > click "Click here for support info." > click Repair - then go from there.

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gjjean RE: I am unable to update i-Tunes to i-Tunes 10
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@ Steve

Beside advices from Timow, you can download itunes 10 from the following site:

You did not mention what operating system you use.

For that in the search box of the mentioned site type: itunes 10 and there you can download a 32bit version or a 64bit.

If you have revo uninstaller you can get rid of the old itunes before installing the new.

Good luck.

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j.marcus.lehmann RE: I am unable to update i-Tunes to i-Tunes 10
Member 20th Sep, 2010 19:02
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Use the Apple Software Updater which comes with QuickTime and iTunes.
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ddmarshall RE: I am unable to update i-Tunes to i-Tunes 10
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If none of the above work, try this suggestion:

This solution uses the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility which is no longer available from Microsoft. It can still be downloaded from Softpedia

Ignore any adverts on the site and only download the utility. Be very careful when running the cleanup utility that you only select the programs you want to remove.

Another solution, which I can't vouch for, could be to extract the itunes.msi file from the setup file. This article outlines how to do this

You can get the setup file for the version of iTunes you are trying to uninstall from FileHippo

I would delete Temporary Internet Files and anything from Apple in the Downloads folder in case your stalled download has left any corrupt files behind.

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