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simskim Inaccurate scan results???
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AFter scanning my system(Win 7), and reviewing the results, I patched all the systems noted, ie, adobe flash as well as shockwave, but, when I got to the .Net update I got an error stating that it was for another version, and if I ran Microsoft update, it showed no updates for .net.
Not sure how to resolve.

Is there a way to post a screenshot in this forum?

mogs RE: Inaccurate scan results???
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Have you since rebooted and rescanned ?
You can provide screenshots if you need to by using the the auspices of tinypic....
Hope this helps.......regards,

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This user no longer exists RE: Inaccurate scan results???
Member 21st Sep, 2010 08:38

When updating Microsoft Applications, it is a good idea to keep in mind that some Microsoft Updates do not "kick in" until after a reboot. Therefore, it is recommended to try following this proceduce when installing Microsoft Updates:

1) Check Microsoft Update, install all security-related patches
2) Reboot
3) Repeat step 1, repeat step 2 if anything was installed at this step
4) Run a full rescan with the PSI

hope this helps.
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