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Forum Thread: Upgrade is really annoying

You are currently viewing a forum thread in the Secunia Community Forum. Please note that opinions expressed here are not of Secunia but solely reflect those of the user who wrote it.

This thread was submitted in the following forum:
PSI 2.0 Beta

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bjherbison Upgrade is really annoying
Member 30th Sep, 2010 10:54
Ranking: 0
Posts: 13
User Since: 24th Jun, 2010
System Score: N/A
Location: US
I just installed the updated beta, and found four annoyances: 1) the number of screens, 2) license agreement, 3) the order of information, 4) window size.

The most annoying is the number of screens. You should modify the upgrade path so you don't present the user with window after window.

I saw the "new version available" alert and clicked on it, up came the PSI Window and Firefox, the executable was downloaded and I ran it. All standard. Here are the windows that came up afterward (paraphrased text from memory).

"existing version is running, do you want me to close it?"

-> This is stupid, I only found the new version because the old version is running so why do you tell me the old version is running? I knew that. And from a naive user view, you started the program, I didn't, so why are you asking me about closing it?

"need to uninstall previous version, do it?"

-> Why would I change my mind about the upgrade now?

"will be uninstalled from directory x, ok?"

-> Where else would I uninstall it from? I already said uninstall it.

"Completing the PSI uninstall"

-> I found this window later, it ended up behind another window. This is redundant with the next screen (which I saw before this screen).

"UNINSTALL PREVIOUS VERSION: Click here to continue with the installation"

-> What purpose does my click serve?

As a techy I understand you just ran the old uninstaller, waited for it to finish (except you didn't quite wait for the finish) and went on with the new installation. As a user, why give me five stupid screens with obvious information and force me to answer so many stupid questions.

Solution: Create a different executable for an upgrade, add a silent uninstall that communicates with the new installer, and drop those five screens to one screen. The purpose of my life isn't to click buttons for you, install the tool and let me get on to useful things.

2) License agreement: Isn't this the same as last time? Why make me click it again? If it is different, tell me what changed.

I wouldn't have mentioned this (as it is standard for many programs), but at this point I'm tired of stupid screens and I realize this doesn't add value for anyone.

3) Why is the "Read me" after the "Auto Update" question? Shouldn't you explain how it works before asking questions?

Wait, the "read me" doesn't explain auto update, but it should.

4) The default window size for the main page uses horizontal and vertical scroll bars for the quick summary -- make it a little wider and the charts a little smaller and remove them.

(I don't think I changed the window size for the Beta.)

shaneturner1 RE: Upgrade is really annoying
Member 30th Sep, 2010 11:50
Score: 0
Posts: 3
User Since: 8th Mar 2010
System Score: 98%
Location: UK
There is a very good reason why the installer tells you the old version is running.

Someone with sufficient technical knowledge knows it is not possible to overwrite/delete a file that is in use, and it is risky for an installer to close a program automatically (especially something like Word, where there could be unsaved data)

Also, The reason for the 'click to continue with the installation' box is that different systems remove programs at different rates.

To be honest, (apart from the readme/autoupdate issue) the rest of the installer works fine.

I do not work for Secunia, but I do understand their installer.

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This user no longer exists RE: Upgrade is really annoying
Member 30th Sep, 2010 12:22

Thank you for all your feedback. I will ensure that your comments reach our developers for consideration.

If you have any further feedback, questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know.
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RE: Upgrade is really annoying
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Bandolier RE: Upgrade is really annoying
Member 30th Sep, 2010 23:44
Score: 7
Posts: 5
User Since: 5th Dec 2008
System Score: N/A
Location: UK
There is a valid point here - we all have more to do with our time than to tick boxes / answer unnecessary questions etc so do keep it simple. Less is definitely more.

Consider the number of patches etc we have to install , each one making demands on our (personal) time! I find the Flash installer particularly anoying - alway trying to install free software that I do not want / defaults set to trip users up etc.

Just wanted to say that I find the beta a great step forward and have had no issues so far.

Keep up the good work.

PSI is a really great application and its appreciated!




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snappersrb RE: Upgrade is really annoying
Member 1st Oct, 2010 10:19
Score: 1
Posts: 1
User Since: 1st Sep 2010
System Score: N/A
Location: DE

I really would appreciate an auto update feature for PSI itself. I've installed the first beta of PSI 2.0 on several PCs, just to make sure some beginner users get the updates the need...
I'm not sure whether they are actively running through the secunia upgrade progress to this second beta or later final versions. I really would appreciate, that you find a way to do the upgrade more automatically since users with running secunia probably want to use newer versions when they have almost the same feature scope.

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shaneturner1 RE: Upgrade is really annoying
Member 1st Oct, 2010 10:53
Score: 0
Posts: 3
User Since: 8th Mar 2010
System Score: 98%
Location: UK
I agree, but there is still the issue of PSI still running - it would have to be closed then reopened at the end of the upgrade.
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libove RE: Upgrade is really annoying
Member 1st Oct, 2010 19:03
Score: 31
Posts: 71
User Since: 12th Feb 2008
System Score: N/A
Location: N/A
While I generally agree with "less is more", I appreciate and support Secunia's position about being cautious to not take changes to break things. Upgrades of PSI should not happen often (to normal users - we're beta users, we have to expect to do more work right now!) so a couple of extra windows to click through, in order to ensure a clean process, is a sensible price.

However, both PSI 1.5 and PSI 2beta make the same mistake about where on the screen the "uninstall old version" window appears *right on top of the install new version window*.

The windows need to appear not-exactly-overlapping, and they should have rather different appearances, so that the user does not have to think extra about which one he is seeing, and why. Ideally, the new installer window should give very clear instructions about finishing the uninstall (which will pop up in another window, which does not obscure this window) and then returning to this window. It should use different colors, or include an extra graphic to make it perfectly clear which window is installing and which window is uninstalling.

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This thread has been marked as locked.

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