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PSI 2.0 Beta

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yotser False positives?
Member 7th Oct, 2010 22:13
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PSI is telling me that I'd need KB2316471 for .NET 3.x and .NET 4.x

when I try to install the KB I got a message that it is already installed!

So I have to asumptions:
1) either this is a false positive
2) or the Updates are installed but these two concerned files have not been updated.

It would be great if PSI could find this out on it's own and heal or help to heal it!



yotser RE: False positives?
Member 7th Oct, 2010 22:15
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After a new scan now the problem disapeared !!
sorry for bothering ...
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mogs RE: False positives?
Expert Contributor 7th Oct, 2010 22:42
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Hello yotser.
It's very often the case that MS updates necessitate a couple of tries and a reboot for them to register/kick in......before rescanning. So it's worked out well for you.
When and if you do need to contact the forum it's usually helpful/advantageous to include as much info as possible....details of OS, browser etc., often help resolve matters. To save having to repeat them each time, you can include them in the Signature you see below in mine. Go to "My Profile" on left of the page if you decide to.
Here's a couple of links to threads you may find useful from time to time....worth bookmarking:- FAQ's
You can also show your System Score by ticking the box below the Signature.
Hope you find this of some help............regards,

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