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Forum Thread: Win 7 & Networking/Hardware connect-ability/etc.

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thedillpickl Win 7 & Networking/Hardware connect-ability/etc.
Contributor 12th Oct, 2010 01:03
Ranking: 376
Posts: 872
User Since: 3rd May, 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: US

Sorry to make a drive-by appearance.

These are not security related questions.

We have spent fruitless hours searching other forums with no good result. I would like to see if my friends, on the Secunia forum, can enlighten me.

If you are not supposed to run Win 7 as an Administrator:
> Why does the Admin see (most) others on the network but a limited user doesn't?
> Why does Admin load some software globally and some only for the Admin?
> Why will some software not auto start (like PSI) for a limited user? (Also why can't you install PSI for both Admin & other users? PSI uninstalls the other users copy.)

Why does Win 7 allow access to some XP files and not others? These are not hidden or encrypted. They are 'regular' files.

Why are there no 64 bit drivers available for common hardware? There does not seem to be any effort on MS's part to supply drivers for common hardware. Example: The universal driver doesn't work.

Finally, the BIG question: If Windows 7 is supposed to be so great at connectivity why won't it PLAY NICE with any other OS? I got lost looking through the threads on MS's forum on Win 7 networking.

It appears in a networked setting, with shared files and printers, an 'all one OS' system is required, with new peripherals too. Has anyone heard when SP1 is due out?

All input is appreciated, however, please don't use this thread to promote how great or horrible Win 7 is, or to let me know how daft I am. Answers to problems is what I'm after.



XP Home
Chrome, Firefox, IE8
consilio et animis

thedillpickl RE: Win 7 & Networking/Hardware connect-ability/etc.
Contributor 12th Oct, 2010 02:55
Score: 376
Posts: 872
User Since: 3rd May 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: US
To answer one of my questions, Win 7 machine needs the Workgroup set as "MS Home", not the Workgroup name the rest of the system uses.

Evidently, it doesn't matter what the name is on XP machines, as long as it's the same. Win 7 doesn't care what name the Workgroup is, as long as you pretend it's MS Home.

XP Home
Chrome, Firefox, IE8
consilio et animis
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Maurice Joyce RE: Win 7 & Networking/Hardware connect-ability/etc.
Handling Contributor 12th Oct, 2010 10:35
Score: 11793
Posts: 9,036
User Since: 4th Jan 2009
System Score: N/A
Location: UK
Will put some thoughts together tonight & forward them by email.


Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit OS
HP Intel Pentium i7
IE 11 for Windows 7 SP1
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ddmarshall RE: Win 7 & Networking/Hardware connect-ability/etc.
Dedicated Contributor 12th Oct, 2010 18:58
Score: 1212
Posts: 965
User Since: 8th Nov 2008
System Score: 98%
Location: UK
Have you seen this:

Windows 7 Forums is not part of Microsoft, although a useful site. The official Microsoft forums are and

Microsoft does not write drivers for most things. These are the responsibility of the hardware manufacturer. They prefer you to buy new hardware rather than spend money writing drivers for old kit.

This answer is provided “as-is.” You bear the risk of using it.
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Anthony Wells RE: Win 7 & Networking/Hardware connect-ability/etc.
Expert Contributor 12th Oct, 2010 20:57
Score: 2445
Posts: 3,336
User Since: 19th Dec 2007
System Score: N/A
Location: N/A
Last edited on 12th Oct, 2010 21:08
Would not dream of telling you how daft you are , Fred :)) You are a better judge than I :)))))

As a stranger to this Forum , you may have not be aware of this thread , where Jay gives you some ideas about getting the PSI to run in a non-Admin account situation on 7 :-

and here :-

Take care



It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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