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danncote OSI says WIN 7 insecure
Member 13th Oct, 2010 02:28
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OSI gives the following result but I have all patches installed and when I click on the KB articles cited, I get "No Results Found"

"This installation of Microsoft Windows 7 is insecure and potentially exposes your system to security threats!

Your system does not have all security related patches from Microsoft installed. Please see list below for details about the missing patches.

Update Instructions:
You do not have the following Microsoft security updates installed:

Visit Windows Update to install the missing patches."

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thedillpickl RE: OSI says WIN 7 insecure
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Hi danncote;

Welcome to the Secunia forum.

In Windows Update, click on the show previous updates.
> Are the three KB numbers on the list?



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Jagoop RE: OSI says WIN 7 insecure
Member 13th Oct, 2010 09:15
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I have the excat same problem, and yes, the three updates are listed in windows update under "update history".
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mogs RE: OSI says WIN 7 insecure
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Have you tried rebooting before rescanning ? It some times takes a couple of tries before they kick in/register.

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