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walkerpbus Tags Firefox 3.6.11 (latest) as security risk
Member 24th Oct, 2010 22:50
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PSI flags Firefox 3.6.11 as being a security risk when in Firefox, I click on "check for Updates" & there is no update found. I cannot seem to satisfy it, even though I have updated to the latest version. Path is "c:\Program files\Mozilla Firefox". I have rescanned after applying the 3.6.11 update.'About Firefox' shows 3.6.11, as expected.

Paul B Walker

mogs RE: Tags Firefox 3.6.11 (latest) as security risk
Expert Contributor 25th Oct, 2010 02:55
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Here is a link to a recent thread on the forum where same/similar problem is discussed :you may glean help from reading thro' it :-
When and if you need to contact the forum again....please include the version of psi that you are using. Hope this helps........regards,

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TiMow RE: Tags Firefox 3.6.11 (latest) as security risk
Dedicated Contributor 25th Oct, 2010 15:59
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Does the path you have given, relate to your current installation of Ff.3.6.11, or the insecure one?
If it is for the current, are you able to provide the full version number and file location/installation path of the insecure Ff. listing?
Can you also confirm which version of PSI you use, and is this on your W7 PC?


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blitz120 RE: Tags Firefox 3.6.11 (latest) as security risk
Member 28th Oct, 2010 05:35
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A severe bug was found a few days ago in FireFox 3.6.11 (allowed drive-by installation of malware -- the Nobel Peace Prize site was one malware source); I believe it has now been patched in 3.6.12, which is now available. As of my writing this, Secunia has not updated their downloaded version files to show as clear, but I expect that to occur within 24 hours.
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RE: Tags Firefox 3.6.11 (latest) as security risk
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This user no longer exists RE: Tags Firefox 3.6.11 (latest) as security risk
Member 5th Nov, 2010 00:51
Firefox 3.6.12 is showing as clear on Secunia except for the Adobe Flash Player "Insecure, no solution, scheduled to be patched 9 November.
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