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steve35 Google Chrome udate
Member 13th Nov, 2010 16:28
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At present I use Windows7 and Google Chrome 7.o517.44.The OSI reveals 7.0517.41 as an insecure program.It marks all other programs secure except Google Chrome.Why?

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steve35 RE: Google Chrome update
Member 13th Nov, 2010 16:30
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udate corrected
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mogs RE: Google Chrome udate
Expert Contributor 13th Nov, 2010 16:34
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You need to remove the older file/version which Chrome leaves behind at update. Secunia continues to detect even if still in the Recycle bin.
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TiMow RE: Google Chrome udate
Dedicated Contributor 13th Nov, 2010 16:40
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When you updated Chrome to 7.0.517.44 it created a new file.
The old Chrome file (7.0.517.41) still remains and is flagged as insecure.
You need to manually delete this.

Navigate to the file location, using Windows Explorer - I can't give you the location for W7 (it should be given by the OSI scan result), but on my XP it is here (and may be similar for W7):

C:\Documents and Settings\<usename>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\7.0.517.44\chrome.d ll

Once at the location right click the old file version number (7.0.517.41) and delete.
You should further delete this from recycle bin, to fully clear the insecurity.

You can choose whether to run a new scan or not, to check that the insecurity is gone.


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