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Forum Thread: TeamSpeak

You are currently viewing a forum thread in the Secunia Community Forum. Please note that opinions expressed here are not of Secunia but solely reflect those of the user who wrote it.

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mumford68 TeamSpeak
Member 28th Nov, 2010 18:44
Ranking: 0
Posts: 4
User Since: 26th Jun, 2009
System Score: 98%
Location: US
Hello, PSI had reported a few weeks ago that I need to update my TeamSpeak RC2 program. (I don't recall what it was at the time).

PSI was reporting that I have today and that I should update it. I d/l and installed and no change so I used Revo uninstaller to remove as much as possible and reinstalled but it still reports no change and appears from the teamspeak web page to be as far as you can update unless you try the 3.0 beta version.

I have read some fantastically helpful threads on Adobe and other programs that have helped me a great deal and was hoping for any information that might help me in this matter. I assume with PSI reporting that I have v2.0.32.60 I am okay but thought I would check to make sure.

Thank you much,

WinXp Home
1.5 GB RAM
2.4 Ghz Intel Single CPU

mogs RE: TeamSpeak
Expert Contributor 28th Nov, 2010 20:16
Score: 2265
Posts: 6,268
User Since: 22nd Apr 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: UK
There are four pieces of software known as Teamspeak referred to in the Secunia advisories.
Teamspeak Client 2.x One advisory
Teamspeak Client 3.x OK
Teamspeak Server 2.x Two advisories [ 6xvulnerabilities]
Teamspeak Server 3.x One advisory [21x vulnerabilities]
All okay, if patched.

psi does not monitor Beta/Dev versions of programs.

I'm not certain as to which advisory pertains to the version you have. I did a quick search via Google....that only seemed to verify what you'd already stated.
Maybe the situation needs clarifying with Secunia can either hope that one of the officials picks up on this thread tomorrow, or e mail Support directly with your observations.
Hope this helps....regards,

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Maurice Joyce RE: TeamSpeak
Handling Contributor 28th Nov, 2010 22:56
Score: 11909
Posts: 9,120
User Since: 4th Jan 2009
System Score: N/A
Location: UK
Can U not update to version from here:


Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit OS
HP Intel Pentium i7
IE 11 for Windows 7 SP1
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mumford68 RE: TeamSpeak
Member 30th Nov, 2010 17:42
Score: 0
Posts: 4
User Since: 26th Jun 2009
System Score: 98%
Location: US
Thank you both for your replies. I think I should have provided just a bit more information.

I actually updated to from the link provided (I am not familiar with the exact meaning of updated binary so I updated to the other Teamspeak client version offered).

I have since tried to install the updated binary version on top of the current version but get an error message.

I should have realised that there is a forum there as well and should have probably posted and done a bit more research before posting here. I have left a post there.

If it is alright I was going to leave this open for a short while in case I have any further questions or have anything to add should anyone be as befudled as I have been( doubtful :))

Thank you again for your replies.

WinXp Home
1.5 GB RAM
2.4 Ghz Intel Single CPU
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This thread has been marked as locked.

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