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Forum Thread: Beta 4.0 & problems with downloading

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Handmaiden Beta 4.0 & problems with downloading
Member 5th Dec, 2010 08:30
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Last edited on 5th Dec, 2010 08:42


I recently downloaded beta 4.0 to my computer, and was amazed at the ease of correcting problems on my computer. So I decided to download this to my brother's computer. This is when the problems began. After downloading the beta program to his computer, his computer seemed to go into shock, and his browser would freeze up. I could use other programs on his computer, but when I tried to close or minimize them, their image would stay on the screen.

I then shut everything down, and rebooted. The browser (Avant) freezes up, so I tried Mozilla -- again freezeup. IE wasn't any better. So I removed all traces of Secunia from his computer, rebooted, and then tried to download the PSI version. Now, everytime I try to finish install, I get an NSIS error message.

Running XP pro -- on a two yr old computer. Not sure what else you will need. I've also run various virus scans (Super Antispyware & Malwarebytes' Anti-malware, as was recommended at, but nothing other than cookies is what keeps cropping up.

The actual error message I've been getting is:

"Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installerís author to obtain a new copy.

More information at:"

I have even tried downloading the install.exe to a CD, and then download the program from the CD, but I get the same error message.

Can anyone help, please? I've been working on this for more than 5 hours now, trying to resolve this issue, without success.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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mogs RE: Beta 4.0 & problems with downloading
Expert Contributor 5th Dec, 2010 08:50
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Last edited on 5th Dec, 2010 08:57
Lots of people have experienced problems and difficulty when trying to run psi 2.0 Beta using XP. Some have had to revert to previous versions of psi.
Have you read/checked thro' the FAQ's here (?):- FAQ's
Please note in particular the settings for IE which are needed for psi to work.
I've found that it can help to set IE8 as the default browser before install of psi; and then to revert to the browser of your choosing once successful.
Make sure you have a thorough clean/clear out between installs/uninstalls....remove temporary files etc..
Hope the foregoing is of some help......regards,

PS.....please note the following ( also noted in FAQ's )

Installing and upgrading the Secunia PSI

I get an error saying - Installer integrity has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer's author to obtain a new copy.
The download has been corrupt. Please try clearing temporary files in your browser, or try using a download manager, a newer version of your current browser, or a different browser

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Handmaiden RE: Beta 4.0 & problems with downloading
Member 5th Dec, 2010 13:26
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User Since: 17th Apr 2010
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Thanks for all your help.

I tried 3 different browsers with the same result -- could not download.

In regards to IE8, everything I have read about it says that it is insecure and that anyone who wants it should think twice before downloading it. I am still using IE7, and refuse to go to IE8.

I followed what was mentioned at for help before posting a thread.

No, I did not go to FAQ's, b/c I actually didn't think about it for various reasons, and on both of our computers I had been doing weekly updates, checks, patches, etc., for well over a year, and so I didnít see a need to add secunia as a trusted site, b/c of the amount of time that our computers have been connected to PSI scans. I might be wrong about not checking "trusted sites" so I'll keep that in mind for any future problems.

It is good to hear, that Iím not the only one experiencing problems on XP and having to revert back to a previous PSI Ė not that I wish anyone else problems, I donít. I know how frustrating it is when we canít use our computers due to all the various situations of virusí, Trojans, downloads, etc.

In regards to using IE, Iíve had nothing but problems (years ago), and so I avoid IE, as much as is possible. Iíve also been told by some techs that it has too many holes in it, and so it gives further rise or doubts in regards to using it.

While working on something else, I was pondering the current problems, and the thread I posted asking for help. A thought clicked, and so, as soon as I was able to get back to my brotherís computer, I did a system restore, which went well, and his computer is functioning much better now, and is back on the version.

I will keep the link on the vulnerability_scanning/personal FAQs handy, so that next time I can check it first, and I will also keep in mind about dumping temp files. Thanks, I didnít think of temp files.

Problem is solved. Thank you for your time and help, again.

Have a great day.
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mogs RE: Beta 4.0 & problems with downloading
Expert Contributor 5th Dec, 2010 14:04
Score: 2265
Posts: 6,266
User Since: 22nd Apr 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: UK
I can understand some of your reticence with regard to using IE....but it is still the most popular browser, and as such enables Secunia to reach many with the free psi.
As IE is an integral component of Windows we are all reliant on it to more or less extent. Apart from the settings aforementioned, I rarely if ever use it. The search engine in all versions of psi is fundamentally the still require the settings for previous versions to the psi 2.0 Beta.
If you are happy to have reverted to the version, could you please close the thread by pressing will prevent tag-on posts and reminder e mails to both......thankyou.

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