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Melodee open office .org 2.x
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I hate to tell how dumb I am concering computers!But here goes!
Open office .org remains as a security threat and I can not enen find that program on my computer.I've updated all OpenOffice programs and that one remains there.
Couuld you please tell me step by step how to find and remove that program.
I think its an old outdated program that Open Office no longer updates but I can't even find it!
Thank you.John Hamilton
It was detected by Secuna scan.I have rescaned many times to no avail.

mogs RE: open office .org 2.x
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Dependant 'pon the version of psi you are using; here is the method for finding the file path to the entry :-
Finding the file path.

psi versions and

Use the Advanced interface...or switch to it ( Simple/ right of psi panel ).

1/. Click on the + sign alongside the programme to expand it.
2/. Click again on Tech Details in the Toolbox to confirm the installation path of the detected file/prog. 3/.Post the Installation Path back to the forum if you are uncertain how best to proceed.

psi version 2.0 Beta

Go to Results from the Dashboard

1/. Click on the + sign alongside the file.
2/. This will reveal the file path.
3/. Post the info back to the forum if uncertain how best to proceed.

It is also often helpful to include details of your Operating System...Vista, 7, XP etc..

Hope this helps......regards,

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