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Forum Thread: .NET Errors Windows Update

You are currently viewing a forum thread in the Secunia Community Forum. Please note that opinions expressed here are not of Secunia but solely reflect those of the user who wrote it.

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tdsr .NET Errors Windows Update
Member 19th Dec, 2010 10:50
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User Since: 19th Dec, 2010
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Last edited on 19th Dec, 2010 10:52

Hey All,

I was having quite a few errors for many moons with .NET errors. I gave up on it and just had to look at it all the time. I found this site thanks to Kim Komando's 10 top sites of the year. Then ran Secunia and found this were security errors that were critical. I made my mission to solve it for the 100th time. Anyways, I figured it out, not thanks to you all, but just taking a strange path and getting the fix. More errors popped up and somehow I figured out another path and fixed those 2 news one that wouldn't update again. So if you need help with this let me know! I know how frustrating these errors are and how hopeless you can feel getting nowhere.


mogs RE: .NET Errors Windows Update
Expert Contributor 19th Dec, 2010 11:27
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User Since: 22nd Apr 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: UK
Glad you managed to resolve some longstanding difficulties for yourself with psi's help; and have found your way to the forum.
Please be advised tho', that this section of the forum is reserved for "discussion" specifically related to Secunia advisories.....please use the other available sections in future....thankyou.
If and when you do have an enquiry/problem; please include details of psi version and Operating System.....often useful in resolving matters.
You can also fill in further detail in your profile.....System Score, so on and so forth; as well as many more, in your Signature box, if you so wish. ( As you see in mine below).
Here are a couple of links you may find handy/worth bookmarking; for future reference perhaps :- FAQ's
Welcome to the forum...and good luck.....regards,

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tdsr RE: .NET Errors Windows Update
Member 20th Dec, 2010 00:18
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User Since: 19th Dec 2010
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Last edited on 20th Dec, 2010 00:21

I am new to this area. I posted this thead because Secunina, newest version, I just downloaded it, found .NET security threats. This thread was in response to those threats, that I fixed, but not thanks to this forum.

I noticed another person had a post about this topic, but it was closed already and I am not sure if he found the solution.

I am being pro-active, in that if someone is looking for a .NET thread, they will find my post, I can give them the solution. I don't read this stuff much, since I don't understand a lot of it.

So the chance of me checking in often to see if anyone needs help is rare. This way I can contribute, by having an open thread and people can contact me directly for confusing .NET securities they might find when they run there Secunia and find the same thing I did. I had .NET security threats 1-4.


Dell Inspirion 640M, 2GB RAM, upgrade from standard 1GB
Vista Business Ultimate 32 bit OS SP3, was free Dell upgrade from WXP
Mozilla 3.6.13, IE 8.0.6001.18999
Intel Centrino Duo

Secunia PSI v1.5.0.2 (100% secure now!)
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mogs RE: .NET Errors Windows Update
Expert Contributor 20th Dec, 2010 07:24
Score: 2265
Posts: 6,266
User Since: 22nd Apr 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: UK
I understand what you're saying; but this section of the forum is not the place for it.
You could start/create a new thread in another section, outlining the .NET problems you had, and what you did to resolve them.
Sometimes users have been penalized for getting involved in this section if not having been relative to the Advisories.
As you originated this thread you should be able to close/lock it, by pressing Accept....thereby preventing tag-on posts and reminder e mails.
I hope you will familiarize yourself with the workings of the forum as time goes by and enjoy gaining lots from it.......regards,

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This user no longer exists RE: .NET Errors Windows Update
Member 20th Dec, 2010 11:45

There is no need to create another thread - I have moved your thread to an appropriate sub-forum. :)

Thank you for offering your support - If you hang around our forum, you will have plenty of chances to help people out with patching (Though I think we have it covered pretty well).

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This thread has been marked as locked.

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