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knarf rokan newly released PSI 2.0
Member 22nd Dec, 2010 20:17
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I've just updated from VERSION 1.5 and am therefore barely familiar with VER 2.0. I have two comments, however:

POSITIVE CHANGE: The new version seems much quicker in deleting "ignore rules."

NEGATIVE CHANGE: I find the overall readability worse owing to smaller and thinner serif typefaces.

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This user no longer exists RE: newly released PSI 2.0
Member 22nd Dec, 2010 20:26

Thank you for your feedback.

I will ensure that your comments reach our developers for consideration.

If you have further comments, questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to post.
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knarf rokan RE: newly released PSI 2.0
Member 27th Dec, 2010 02:10
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Followup to my initial, positive remark about the improved speed to delete an ignore rule with 2.0. But to set up an ignore rule in PSI 2.0 seems to be less transparent because 1) the icon to do so automatically in the vicinity of the shown path is now absent, 2) leading one to think one has to type cumbersome paths in "Settings." And 3) as the responsiveness of PSI 2.0 to mouse clicks appears to be more sluggish, I did not at first hover long enough over a shown path. Patience will be rewarded by two choices—either to go to the file location or to ignore the item.
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mogs RE: newly released PSI 2.0
Expert Contributor 27th Dec, 2010 07:07
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To ignore a program...go to the Scan Results page : click on the + sign alongside. You should then see Detected instances and their file paths. There, on the left of each path, you should see two icons...clicking the leftmost enables ignoring that instance.

Hope this helps....regards,

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