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GREDERgerard french please
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french please no speak english !!!....

mogs RE: french please
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Here's a very recent official response, as follows :-


The PSI 2.0 is currently only available in English.
This is because our translation team is entirely voluntary, and we did not want to ask them for their help before the interface was complete (so they would not have to redo their work).

However, with the release as of this Monday, the translation effort is already well on the way. We expect to have the first language release out by the new year.

Kind regards,

Emil R. Petersen
Secunia PSI Support

Secunia PSI

Hope it helps.....

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Anthony Wells RE: french please
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Bonsoir ,

The new PSI version 2.0 is not yet translated into French ; this is done by volunteers and is likely to take several days (up to 40) .

The Forum language is English but some people understand French .

Do you have an up dating problem with which you need help ??

Translation/traduction :-

La nouvelle version 2.0 PSI n'est pas encore traduit en français, ce qui est fait par des bénévoles et c'est susceptible de prendre plusieurs jours (jusqu'à 40).

La langue du forum est l'anglais mais certaines personnes comprennent le français.

Avez-vous un problème de mise à jour dont vous avez besoin d'aide ??



It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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