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wimhekken PSI 2 total failure!!
Member 22nd Dec, 2010 23:16
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thank you NOT for updating PSI!!!

I get an window with the name in it, i asume it is the startup window.
And than thats it.
Nothing else happens, exept some popups whem hoovering the tray icon.
I cannot get the program in site, I only see the startup window.

As far as I am concerned this is a total failure.
I should download the previous version that worked fine, but after this experience I am ver much in doubt about yor programming-abilities.

(Oke, My English is not perfect. I hope you get the message)

Anthony Wells RE: PSI 2 total failure!!
Expert Contributor 22nd Dec, 2010 23:28
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Hi ,

Emil Petersen is collecting startup problems in this thread ; scroll down and near the end @17.56 hours he offers a set of possible fixes for distressed users :-

Also make sure you IE settings conform to these instructions :-

He will be back there tomorrow CET .

Take care



It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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puget1 RE: PSI 2 total failure!!
Member 23rd Dec, 2010 01:32
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To: wimhekken

Try this:RE: Do Not uninstall for 2.0
Member 21st Dec, 2010 17:40
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I just installed 2.0 today 12/20/2010, Had great difficulty until suddenly I realized that 2.0 is a platform build, taking info from1.5.0.2. Directly.install 2.0. from download. Do not uninstall Secunia's 2.0 has a build in uninstaller that will then "take and leave" what it wants and install 2.0 correctly for you after first scan. Everything is working fine for me.

refer to:

Happy Holidays to all !!!

Windows 10 64bit

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wimhekken RE: PSI 2 total failure!!
Member 30th Dec, 2010 22:42
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None of the suggested works.

And if it would, I am not prepared to change a whole lot of more or less important settings on my PC just to make ONE program (that is obvious NOT programmed very well) to run like ANY other program (among several hundreds) on my PC.

I have NEVER installed a program that misteriously did not run on my PC and I installed a lot!!!
Congratiulations, you are the first to write one.

I stick to version 1, and if you stop support on version 1; so be it.
If you make a better version I wil be trying; once.
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