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Trakkal PSI 2.0 new install won't show scan results
Member 24th Dec, 2010 12:46
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I have been using PSI 1.5 and 2.0 Beta on up to 5 computers here at home for about 6 months. Recently I upgraded them all to the current PSI 2.0, and all have been OK except my main computer (all running XP Pro or Home).

It seems to install OK. I can open it from the Task Bar icon and initiate a scan, but when I try to see "Results" it opens an empty page followed by a small pop-up window with the following message:
Error: TypeError
Function: util.switchPage
File: undefined
Line: undefined
Description: "length" is null or not an object"

I can do nothing else in the PSI window except close it.

I have uninstalled it several times using Revo Uninstaller and cleaning up the Registry with Registry First Aid, but it makes no difference. I have even tried a new .exe file downloaded from CNet.

Can anyone help, please?

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mogs RE: PSI 2.0 new install won't show scan results
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There's been server problems this you may have seen from other threads....have you tried again ? Are you up and running again ?

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