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Forum Thread: UI initialization errors

You are currently viewing a forum thread in the Secunia Community Forum. Please note that opinions expressed here are not of Secunia but solely reflect those of the user who wrote it.

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bshreve UI initialization errors
Member 28th Dec, 2010 02:53
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Posts: 2
User Since: 27th Dec, 2010
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Location: N/A
Just-in-time debugger pops up 8 time after the UI initialization starts.
I click NO each time and the program starts OK.

I have tried many of the suggestions in other threads without success.

workstation service is running, Avast was off, Zonealarm firewall set to allow full access for all 3 components.

I also reinstalled with a fresh download

XP Pro SP3

I am ready to go back to the previous version which ran without problem for at least a year.

Any suggested would be appreciated.

thedillpickl RE: UI initialization errors
Contributor 28th Dec, 2010 03:39
Score: 376
Posts: 872
User Since: 3rd May 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: US
Hi bshreve;

Welcome to the Secunia forum.

I do not wish to be negative, however some users with the XP OS are having problems, as you point out. It sound like you've looked around and tried different fixes before posting here.

on 28th Dec, 2010 02:53, bshreve wrote:
Just-in-time debugger pops up 8 time after the UI initialization starts.
I click NO each time and the program starts OK. ...

If you can put up with that solution for awhile longer Secunia should have things fixed shortly. They take PSI very seriously, even though it's their free product.

If it gets too annoying, here's the link to the older version:
Don't forget to watch the forum to see when this is solved and then reinstall PSI 2.0 !



XP Home
Chrome, Firefox, IE8
consilio et animis
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mogs RE: UI initialization errors
Expert Contributor 28th Dec, 2010 09:39
Score: 2265
Posts: 6,266
User Since: 22nd Apr 2009
System Score: 100%
Location: UK
Looks like you've tried most of the following, but just in case; a recent official response follows :-

Please try reinstalling the PSI:

Verify that all your settings match those described here:

Then walk through this list:
1) Ensure that the workstation service is running.
This service is enabled by default, so unless you disabled it, it should be activated.

2) Go to where you installed the PSI (Probably C:\Program Files\Secunia\PSI), right-click PSI.exe, go to the Compatability tab, and set a check at 'Turn off advanced text services for tihs program'

3) Go to Control Panel > Regional and language options > Languages Tab > Details > Advanced. From here, set a check at 'Turn off advanced text services'
(Please note that this is a global setting unlike what is described in step 2).

Reboot and try again.

Has this resolved the issue?

Hope it helps.....regards,

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bshreve RE: UI initialization errors
Member 29th Dec, 2010 02:49
Score: 0
Posts: 2
User Since: 27th Dec 2010
System Score: N/A
Location: N/A
Thanks, I did try all the suggestions you made. Nothing made any difference.

If I can't figure it out soon I will just revert to the previous version.
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lmacri RE: UI initialization errors
Member 6th Jan, 2011 19:39
Score: 42
Posts: 87
User Since: 9th Sep 2009
System Score: N/A
Location: CA

Just in case you haven't been visiting the forum lately, Secunia released a new version of PSI v. on January 5, 2011 that might correct the errors you've described. I was having similar problems and Build 2001 runs much better on my machine.

Build 2001 is available at the same link provided by mogs in an earlier post at

Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit * NIS 2013 v. * IE 9 * FF v. 31.0 * PSI v.
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