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JoshuaXiong Update to latest
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I am using wamp and secunia has detected that I update to the latest. How ever when I download the only .exe file... my server weren't able to use .php anymore.. Can someone help me solve this.

mogs RE: Update to latest
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Just found the following article...haps it goes some way towards explaining ?

PHP apps plagued by Mark of the Beast bug

Death by decimal places
By Dan Goodin in San Francisco • Get more from this author
Posted in Security, 4th January 2011 19:08 GMT
Web developers are in a lather following the discovery of a bug in the PHP programming language that causes computers to freeze when they process certain numerical values with large numbers of decimal places.

The error in the way floating-point and double-precision numbers are handled sends 32-bit systems running Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD into an infinite loop that consumes 100 percent of their CPU's resources. Developers are still investigating, but they say the bug appears to affect versions 5.2 and 5.3 of PHP. They say it could be trivially exploited on many websites to cause them to crash by adding long numbers to certain URLs.

“Since PHP drives everything from WordPress to Wikipedia, there could be a ton of vulnerable sites,” H D Moore, CSO of Rapid7 and chief architect of the Metasploit project, told The Reg. “The use case for this would be to quickly kill any web server hosting a vulnerable PHP instance and application.”

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This user no longer exists RE: Update to latest
Member 7th Jan, 2011 11:07

Unfortunately, Secunia doesn't provide support for third-party applications such as Apache or PHP.
If you want support for either of these products (That are unrelated to Secunia services), I recommend you ask the Apache mailing list (, or possibly the PHP forum, found here:

So the following is my personal advice for you, and should be taken as such only.

Are you able to access And can PHP pages on the local system?
If so, have a look at your firewall rules.

Can the server serve up HTML but not PHP?
Try looking here and see if anything deviates from your install:

Is the version of the Apache PHP module you have installed compatible with your Apache release? The module in question is 'mod_php' (at least on UNIX-based systems).

If you can provide some more detail about what exactly isn't working we might be able to close in on the problem.

Hope this helps. :)

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