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dustdevil123 Font size
Member 23rd Jan, 2011 19:34
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Can I make my Dash Board Fonts larger. It is fine on all other sites. But very small on the dash board. there is plenty of white space on it.


mogs RE: Font size
Expert Contributor 23rd Jan, 2011 20:40
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As you are probably aware; psi 2.0 went thro'fairly lengthy Beta testing....which was the time when your observation might have been sooner noted. Of course, you may only recently have switched to the latest Stable release.
Just this last week; yours is the second post regarding font sizes.As far as I'm aware it cannot be increased in the psi Dashboard etc.. It may however be something Secunia might still consider incorporating in future versions. Staff may pick out this thread tomorrow, and be able to give you a more positive reply.
Hope the foregoing helps for the time being.....regards,

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Maurice Joyce RE: Font size
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Try Start>Control Panel>Fonts> U can adjust from there then follow the prompts.

Not sure U will like the Global change!


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