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bbowman Advanced interface
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Older versions of several programs are showing up as 'end of life' even though the newer versions are also showing up as 'up to date.' I have researched several other threads and it seems the first place to start is by switching to the advanced interface which, if I am understanding correctly, should be located in the top right corner of the main page. I am either looking in the wrong place or I do not have the option. Am I missing something?

mogs RE: Advanced interface
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You are showing as a user from 2/2/11.....if you've downloaded the latest version; there is no Simple/Advanced interface....there's not the differentiation, that is in the previous versions. You can confirm which one you are using by right clicking on the taskbar icon and then About.

Finding the file path.

psi versions and

Use the Advanced interface...or switch to it ( Simple/ right of psi panel ).

1/. Click on the + sign alongside the programme to expand it.
2/. Click again on Tech Details in the Toolbox to confirm the installation path of the detected file/prog. 3/.Post the Installation Path back to the forum if you are uncertain how best to proceed.

psi version 2.0

Go to Results from the Dashboard

1/. Click on the + sign alongside the file.
2/. This will reveal the file path.
3/. Post the info back to the forum if uncertain how best to proceed.

Hope the foregoing helps.....regards,

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