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OIStaff No Thread For The NSI?
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Hello, was wondering if this group could also help with NSI questions?

Hope so, so I'll post these here anyway regarding the NSI.

1)It seems that the host based scans rely on the windows admin shares and thus a password is required to scan these boxes. Iím assuming that this password then needs to at least have admin priviledges on the host that is being scanned. Is there any way that scans can take place that donít require the submittal of local box admin passwords?

2)To that end, can I trust Secunia with the host based scans and supplying the local box admin password? I see that there is an option to save the scan password. Where is this saved, and what kind of security is in place on the database that homes this password?

3)On the Network Scan, what is the equivalent of the PSI scan that is run in the Advanced user mode?

Help appreciated, and if this is not the place to get answers to these questions, can you forward me on to the proper place?

- OIStaff

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