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alasmith beta and it quest to lauch
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No cares about beta, I sure don't. I really don't think that by using a security analyzer like PSI which uses a beta auto updater. I am reluctant to download the update due to that fact. What I am asking is if there are PSI that have not a beta enhanced concept to them? I want to use that one with no beta idea.


mogs RE: beta and it quest to lauch
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psi 2.0 is out of Beta phase....the present release is as you see in my signature below.
It can be downloaded from here :- psi 2.0 Full Version

It's probably best to also have a good read thro' the FAQ's here :- FAQ's
There is also a PDF Manual which accompanies :- PSI PDF MANUAL........which may give you more insight.
Hope the foregoing helps.......regards,

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