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Forum Thread: iTunes & Quicktime

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penewbery iTunes & Quicktime
Member 15th Feb, 2011 13:52
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I'm using PSI v2 in Vista Home Premium.

Every time iTunes says it has an update (and that is all too frequently), I download and attempt to install it. But because I have previously responded to PSI's security advice about Quicktime and updated it, iTunes won't install because Qucktime's level is too high. I uninstall Quicktime, but iTunes installer says it needs Quicktime and won't install, so for every iTunes update, I have to completely remove iTunes and Quicktime to upgrade iTunes. PSI then tells me that Quicktime is insecure and needs updating and so, we go round again.

I know I should probably be posting this on iTunes ' forum, but before I do, is this normal? Does anyone else have this issue?

mogs RE: iTunes & Quicktime
Expert Contributor 15th Feb, 2011 14:41
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Last edited on 15th Feb, 2011 14:43
It is very often the case that when a prog. is updated, the older/previous version isn't automatically removed. psi will continue to detect it.

Finding the file path.

psi version 2.0

Go to Results from the Dashboard

1/. Click on the + sign alongside the file.
2/. This will reveal the file path.
3/. Post the info back to the forum if uncertain how best to proceed.

It sounds as tho' you are updating but Secunia is still prompting you to update the older version....remove that, and you should be left with the newer.
The other thing perhaps worth bearing in mind is that :-
The PSI is not a general update checker. This means that it will not notify you simply if there is a cosmetic/feature/bugfix release, but only if this release fixes a security issue.

When a security issue is discovered with a product, we issue a 'Secunia Advisory'. This advisory will show the minimum version to be secure (if there is one); and these advisories are what we base the version rules on.

It might work out better for you if you were to be guided by psi, rather than for every update iTunes.....???

Hope this helps.........regards,

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penewbery RE: iTunes & Quicktime
Member 15th Feb, 2011 17:44
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User Since: 8th Dec 2008
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Well, having removed and re-installed iTunes & Quicktime, the only Quicktime version listed by "Windows Installer Clean-up" is:, which is the version I think was downloaded & installed with the latest iTunes update. It is also the version shown in PSI as being insecure and the recommended update is to 7.6.9.

The update is actually numbered, and having updated it, that is the only version listed by the Installer Clean-up. It has taken my PSI status back to 100%.

I'm willing to bet that the next iTunes update gives me the same problem! And sometimes you have to update iTunes or some apps won't work.

Hey Ho! Paul N.
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mogs RE: iTunes & Quicktime
Expert Contributor 15th Feb, 2011 18:10
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User Since: 22nd Apr 2009
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Location: UK
There are probably other users on the forum who are more familiar and able to offer more specific suggestions...
If the problem is now resolved ; as you are the originator of the thread, you have the option to close it, by selecting ACCEPT. This will lock the thread : preventing tag-on posts and reminder e mails............regards,

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