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RenaudLavoie PSI 2.0 keeps telling me wrong things
Member 7th Mar, 2011 20:01
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It's the third month in a row that Secunia keeps telling me that Java has to be updated. I checked the last version available, then checked in my programs... and the version I have is the latest version. But, Secunia KEEPS telling me that Java has to be updated to this version.

What's happening? How to fix this?
Did any of you had this problem, or still have it?


Renaud Lavoie
User of Secunia PSI

gjjean RE: PSI 2.0 keeps telling me wrong things
Contributor 7th Mar, 2011 20:25
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@ Renaud

Did PSI indicate where the file to update is? (Which Folder)? Maybe itís a leftover of a previous version.

What is your OS?

HP pavilion DV6
Win 7 64bit - SP1
IE10 + MSSE4.3.215
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mogs RE: PSI 2.0 keeps telling me wrong things
Expert Contributor 7th Mar, 2011 20:31
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Try taking a look at Maurice Joyce's post here :-
It's likely that psi is continuing to detect an older file/version.....

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WickedGirl RE: PSI 2.0 keeps telling me wrong things
Member 7th Mar, 2011 23:58
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Hello! Just wanted to chime in....My several years experience in using Secunia and trying to keep any Adobe, Macromedia or Sun Java products secure, is that even after updating and/or uninstalling these programs, there are always remnants of the older program left over. Seems highly insecure to me, and I thank Secunia for making me aware that these programs are guilty of this nasty little habit. When updating, once I have uninstalled the programs (do NOT use the auto-update features in them, or via Secunia), I use Secunia to make a note of where the unsecured remnant files are located ( I also use Secunia to get the file downloads first). I then completely close Secunia, and navigate to the file locations. I then manually delete any and all left over file remnants, eve .log files related to the programs in question here. By the way, if you do not exit out of Secunia, you will be unable to delete the files. You will get the "file in use...access denied" message from Windows. Once all has been deleted, open up Secunia and re-scan to be sure all traces of the insecure files are gone. Then, reinstall the newer versions. I have only ever had to use this procedure for Adobe Flash Player plugin, Adobe Flash Player ax plugin, Adobe/Macromedia Shockwave Player, and Sun Java. These programs never uninstall all of their old file remnants. Good luck!
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Maurice Joyce RE: PSI 2.0 keeps telling me wrong things
Handling Contributor 8th Mar, 2011 00:26
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Sorry to disappoint U. There is NO requirement to close Secunia (PSI version 2) to completely delete anything.

Secunia auto updates many of the programmes U mention (if activated) by first removing all the old remnants or leaves them as harmless "zombies". It is running while doing this task.

Control Panel>add/remove works perfectly with PSI running.

Revo uninstaller Professional (& the trial(free)) works perfectly with PSI running.

U do NOT require to EXIT or close PSI to manually delete files via Windows Explorer or the Registry either.

If any Adobe product requires complete deletion the specialist uninstallers should be used which are supplied via their website. Once again there is NO requirement to shut down PSI.

Looks like a large load of Red Herrings has been delivered to the Forum.


Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit OS
HP Intel Pentium i7
IE 11 for Windows 7 SP1
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