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Member 16th Mar, 2011 23:58
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Maybe I'm the only one...

I cannot use PSI 2.0 because it takes 10 to 15 minutes to "Load data." Most times it just stalls out with two thermometer boxes to go.

One time I did make it through a scan because I was away from my computer for a couple hours and thought I would just let it go. PSI was "loading scan results" when I returned, I waited for another 23 minutes before I killed the process. Uninstalled and reinstalled PSI, tried it again and never made it past loading data...

I don't know what is going on, but for all practical purposes PSI 2.0 is unusable.

Even opening Secunia's website is painfully slow but at least it does finally load.

I wonder if the Secunia servers are overloaded. I mean Secunia seems to be transferring data back and forth from PC to server almost continually. I don't believe PSI 1.x did all this data transferring

I never had an issue with earlier versions.


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mogs RE: Can't Use PSI 2.0 or Secunia web site Too Slow
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The fact that you do have it running...tho' painfully probably an indication that the program itself is okay.
Are you using the latest version.....psi ? What is your Operating System ?
Do you carry out a routine/regular maintenance schedule....CCleaner or the like : use a Registry Scanner and least once a week ? Have you run CHKDSK recently to confirm/verify consistancy of the disk ?
Have you read thro' the more recent FAQ's....check everything is configured aright....particularly :- FAQ's
When there has been a problem with's been usual not to be able to scan at all..
Hope the foregoing helps....regards,

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taffy078 RE: Can't Use PSI 2.0 or Secunia web site Too Slow
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Hi bink.

I'd just like to add that it might be sensible for you to change your name straightaway. Publishing your email adress in an open forum is never a good idea. ;0)

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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