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Forum Thread: 2 bugs and one unnecessary step to report

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alkolkin 2 bugs and one unnecessary step to report
Member 22nd Mar, 2011 15:21
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User Since: 22nd Mar, 2011
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Location: US
1. You show that Google Chrome 10 is the latest release. That is partially incorrect. The latest is 11.0.672.2 beta. I am a support person and many of my clients are using this Beta release.

2. When you click on Scan Computer within the dashboard, for some reason you have to click on Start Scan. While that is an extra unnecessary step, the bug comes when it is then that the System Tray reports that the LAST scan completed successfully (or shows how many need updating). It should report it (1) after a scheduled scan was completed and (2) AFTER the manual scan you are performing is completed.

Anthony Wells RE: 2 bugs and one unnecessary step to report
Expert Contributor 22nd Mar, 2011 17:47
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Last edited on 22nd Mar, 2011 17:58
Hi ,

Your 1) , the PSI does not monitor ,report , track or display any programme that is pre "Release to Marketing/Manufacturing ***.So all Canaries , Alphas , Betas and RC's are not ever displayed by the PSI - unless , that is , a Stable version overlaps a Beta , as happens on occasion with Chrome and has just happened in the last week or so .

I use Chrome browser Dev Channel and we are on version 11.0.696.16 as the actual latest ; by circumstance , the PSI does display Google gears as a programme on the "Scan Results" page but only records the gears version number , however , if you click the [+] on the lhs of the display you will see "detected instances" and the full installation path which includes the version number within of any version of Chrome you have installed , but that is all . You are likely to see two versions displayed for each platform , the current one and that left behind by the silent update .

Your 2) , the scan page which opens from the "Dashboard" contains information useful to many people and has always been set up that way . The "pop-up" is a known (to Secunia) bug and will doubtless be corrected in a future version .

Hope that is clear , if not ask again .


PS;*** the PSI is a vulnerability tracker which monitors the latest secure/patched Stable version of a programme/app. ; it does not track bug fixes or eye candy updates .


It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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alkolkin RE: 2 bugs and one unnecessary step to report
Member 22nd Mar, 2011 18:22
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User Since: 22nd Mar 2011
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Location: US
Thanks for your answer. That was certainly prompt.
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