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McAfee Virtual Technician Active Control 4.x

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binghamjc PSI says this is installed
Member 6th Apr, 2011 05:19
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PSI Scan Results show the following:

Program Name:
McAfee Virtual Technician Active Control 4.x

Security State:

Download Link:

Instances Found:
C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\MVT.dll, version:

Last System Scan (localtime):
5. Apr 2011, 14:32

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3


Yet when I go to the Downloaded Program Files folder I do not find the MVT.dll file.
A/RP does not show any McAfee programs in the list of installed programs, where is PSI getting this information and how can I update it / remove it from the list that PSI is keeping somewhere.


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RE: PSI says this is installed
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binghamjc RE: PSI says this is installed
Member 7th Apr, 2011 04:26
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I am sorry but I do not see how anything in your reply is pertinent to the question that I asked except perhaps the first paragraph.
So perhaps my my question was unclear. Since I cannot find any McAfee program installed on my system in the Add/Remove Program list. Furthermore, when I look in the folder that PSI says contains this McAfee dll I do not see it there. I do not believe that I have anything to uninstall on my system.
My question is: Why does PSI say that the dll is installed when it is not listed in the Add/Remove Program list and where is it getting that information if the file is not in the location that it says it is in?

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mogs RE: PSI says this is installed
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Thankyou for clarifying the matter....I don't have an answer for you : other than it's very rare for Secunia to detect something that isn't there.
Have you checked in the Registry for anything McAfee ?

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Maurice Joyce RE: PSI says this is installed
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PSI reads the meta data therefore the file is there - identification of the file is another matter & can be frustrating because it is an ActiveX & will not show in Control Panel>add/remove

Check your PC is set to reveal all hidden files & folders.

Navigate to:

C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\MVT.dll, version:

U may need to check the properties of every file in C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Programs because they do not always display as named by PSI

Right click & delete the file. This may not work with XP in which case U should use the traditional method:

The traditional method to remove ActiveX is:

* * * Windows XP
Launch the command prompt from accessories in the programs list or go to Start>run> and type cmd in the box that appears.
type: cd c:\windows\downloaded program files
press enter
type: dir
press enter
find the files you wish to remove from the list that appears
type: del (now type the details of the file found above)
press enter
type: exit
press enter


Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit OS
HP Intel Pentium i7
IE 11 for Windows 7 SP1
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