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UOD388 PSI 2.0 Doesn't Initialize Over Dialup Connections
Member 8th Apr, 2011 20:23
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I also get stuck at an initialization screen that says PSI 2.0 is finding the Internet. Several times now I watched Secunia download until it stops accessing the Internet. I confirmed that it downloads information over the Internet because I see network activity from it. But it doesn't seem to download the information quickly enough before it quits.

I recently used PSI 2.0 on my XP Laptop without any problems, but that was on a fast public (Wi-Fi) connection.

It might be some other link in the chain that prevents it from finishing, but I'm not sure what it could be if it's accessing the Internet successfully. In the past I had to set the Internet Options at default, but I already have them set there to accommodate my Iron browser.

Can we (dialup users) get a simple version that at least downloads the program interface? Even the older versions of PSI were quite slow. Now the newer version doesn't work. I know I'm not the only dialup user left.

-- System Details --

Dialup Connection Speed: ~30kbps
Vista Ultimate 32bit
Avast, Prevx (Free), Windows Firewall

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UOD388 Update
Member 8th Apr, 2011 20:49
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Well, now it worked suddenly!

It needed to download the interface information over several tries, spanning several times (1) watching for it to use network activity and stop; (2) closing the program and restarting it, and repeating (1) as needed. This seems to finally get it to work on dialup connections.

I closed the program and tried again and it loaded the interface more quickly the second time. I hope it stores this information to continue to make it load in the future.

Odd that it finally works after I posted. I tries about three times yesterday and about three times today before posting originally.
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mogs RE: PSI 2.0 Doesn't Initialize Over Dialup Connections
Expert Contributor 8th Apr, 2011 21:11
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Secunia have been carrying out maintenance work over the last couple of days....see this thread/post by M.Hansen yesterday :-
Glad that you are now up and running......regards,

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