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trezac Install: error opening sua.exe
Member 10th Apr, 2011 22:08
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I wanted to update to the newest version of PSI. Downloaded it from your primary location. It uninstalled my previous version. After the "choose install location" window, it went to "installing" and immediately said "error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files\Secunia\PSI\sua.exe." I aborted the install. Tried downloading from your alternate location, but get same results. Win XP SP3, Firefox 4.

mogs RE: Install: error opening sua.exe
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Did you try clearing out temp. files/browser cache beforehand ? Have you read thro' the more recent FAQ's here :-
And particularly the settings/configurations here :- towards the end of these there are those more especial for XP.
Don't know what version you've upgraded from; but it has often been the case that a leap from one of the earlier versions has resulted in problems.....particularly when coupled with XP.
After ensuring that your settings are right and having cleared temp. files; try downloading from and let it remove the previous version.......hope this does help......regards,

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trezac RE: Install: error opening sua.exe
Member 11th Apr, 2011 13:01
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Thanks for the suggestions. I did read all that in the FAQs. It turned out that the PSI process was still running from the previous time I opened it. I ended the process in Task Manager, and then the install ran ok.

Incidentally, I'm running XP and did have to "Turn off advanced text services" so the PSI window would stay visible.
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