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Adrie van Dijk Chome not shown on "Secure Browsing" page in PSI
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I have installed Chrome 11, but the PSI shows it only in the scan results, not on the secure browsing page. Only Safari, IE, Firefox and Opera are listed there. So now I can't tell if the PSI thinks Chrome 11 is currently "secure for browsing".
Anyone any idea?

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mogs RE: Chome not shown on "Secure Browsing" page in PSI
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There are two versions of Chrome Stable 11 current at the moment.....11.0.696.57 which was the last security fix release and recognized as such by psi.....the other was a bug fix version 11.0.696.60 a day later, which, as yet hasn't been detected as secure by my I run other versions of Chrome. Hopefully detection rules will be updated shortly. The foregoing may go some way towards explaining your predicament perhaps ?

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