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Google Chrome 11.x

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rodel22 installation
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RE: installation
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M.Rehman RE: installation
Secunia Official 23rd May, 2011 15:06
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please note that we only offer support in english.

I don't understand what your problem seems to be?
if the PSI tells you to update, you should update.
the current installed version is an older insecure version, whereas the suggested version is a safe and stable version.

Kind regards,

Munib Rehman
Secunia Support

Secunia PSI
Leendert Kip installation
Member 23rd May, 2011 15:37
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This is the translation in english:

My version (11.696.60) seems obsolete, but I cannot start the installation of new version (11.0.696.68)

Hope this helps.

PC: JJ Computer Services
Intel Core I3 2100 3.1Ghz
DDR3 Kingston ValueRam 4GB 1333
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bits SP1
Secunia PSI
Internet Explorer 9
Mozilla Firefox 31NL

Laptop: MSI GT780DX
Intel Core I5-2450
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bits SP1
Secunia PSI
Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox 31NL
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Anthony Wells RE: installation
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