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Forum Thread: Suggestion about re-scan

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highstream Suggestion about re-scan
Member 16th Jun, 2011 03:58
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User Since: 19th Dec, 2007
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In terms of UI, I'd suggest the link or facility for rescanning an item be brought to top level. The update facility is there, but then one has to dig down to rescan, in case it's not picked up right away (tho it usually is).

I also noticed that after installing the latest MS updates (~20) and restarting, PSI didn't pick up the changes and a full rescan was necessary. That seems contradictory: the status of a single update is usually picked up, but not a whole package of them.

Nonetheless, thank for this great utility.

Anthony Wells RE: Suggestion about re-scan
Expert Contributor 16th Jun, 2011 22:20
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User Since: 19th Dec 2007
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Hi ,

I have responded to a similar question here ;-

The individual rescan has never - in my experience - been very effective , if it works at all ; it is better in 2.0 .x , where it seems to work right away or after some (considerable) time delay and it might be influenced by whether you have "Show detailed program changes" selected in the PSI's "settings" module .

A full manual scan is/has always been the only sure way to get "instant gratification" - with or without reboot - and is quite essential for M$ updates to register with the PSI .

Secunia are aware that there can be some (c) delay ; whether they can improve it only time will tell .

PS : the PSI compares the latest meta data it finds to the "previous/last" scan data it holds on the Secunia servers , this can be subject to delays etc - depending also on settings - so that's why a new full manual scan works better - a reboot may be neede to ditch some old files ; at least it no longer scans the garbage .

Hope that helps .



It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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genegold99 RE: Suggestion about re-scan
Member 16th Jun, 2011 22:29
Score: 5
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User Since: 25th Nov 2008
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Location: US
I do show details and have found the individual scans work with v2. They are a quick way to find out whether or not the problem has been fixed. While the speed of full scans has improved enormously with v2, I'd still like to see the rescan button level moved up, so I don't have to dig.
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lmorris RE: Suggestion about re-scan
Member 17th Jun, 2011 06:05
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User Since: 17th Jun 2011
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Location: US
I agree to that idea.

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This thread has been marked as locked.

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