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Microsoft WSUS/SCCM technology to distribute third party patches by Secunia offering

5:15 CET, 22nd March 2010 By Secunia.

Secunia CSI 4.0 is final and integrates with both Microsoft WSUS and Microsoft SCCM

Copenhagen, Denmark (Business Wire) – Secunia, the world-leading provider of Vulnerability Intelligence and Vulnerability Management tools, today announced that their renowned authenticated internal vulnerability scanner, the Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) 4.0, has been integrated with Microsoft Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) providing simplified patch management of Microsoft as well as third party programs.

This novel end-to-end scanning and patching solution will enable companies worldwide to come full circle in their security operations in a simple and automated way, ending the days of time consuming, labor intensive, and troublesome patching.

“We are in a unique position for doing this, due to the comprehensiveness and quality of our Vulnerability Intelligence and our unique scanning technology. The value lies in the comprehensiveness, reliability, and action-ability, provided by combining the best of two technologies from Microsoft and Secunia” (Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO Secunia).

Program vulnerabilities represent an increasing threat to companies' IT-security, as all it takes is one vulnerability for a cyber criminal to gain access to the internal network, allowing other security measures to be circumvented. Due to the cumbersome scope of patching and the lack of network visibility so far, companies have often overlooked third party programs in their patching operations, while Microsoft programs have been automatically managed by WSUS or SCCM.

To solve this problem and aid companies deal with vulnerability threats, the Secunia CSI 4.0 integrates directly with Microsoft WSUS and SCCM for simplified patch management, facilitating the distribution of the latest security updates for all programs, Microsoft and third party.

The Microsoft WSUS/SCCM technology has a large coverage, with WSUS deployed in virtually all corporate networks today due to its patching capabilities for Microsoft products. This further complements the Secunia CSI 4.0, which provides scanning, mapping, and security evaluation of all the installed programs.

“WSUS, or SCCM, is practically installed in all companies worldwide today, and now all these companies are given the opportunity to further ensure their IT-security and end the threat posed by vulnerabilities, including those in 3rd party programs. Further, companies can benefit from this without having to radically change their existing infrastructure or invest in learning new tools, as the Secunia CSI 4.0 integrates with WSUS and SCCM– so business as usual” (Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO Secunia).

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Subject: Microsoft WSUS/SCCM technology to distribute third party patches by Secunia offering

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