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Secunia CSI7
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Secunia OEM Partner Program

Integrate our acclaimed technology and intelligence into your
product platforms and improve your existing solutions

What is the Secunia OEM Partner Program?

Secunia's technology can help your organization build competitive edge to support your overall strategy.

Our OEM program allows vendors of IT security and IT management solutions to leverage Secuniaís renowned vulnerability intelligence and scanning technology:

Whether itís to reach out to new markets or segments; improve user satisfaction in your existing customer base; or to set your solutions apart from your competitors, Secunia can support your efforts to:

  • Expand your current portfolio
  • Develop new offerings
  • Improve products or services

For detailed information about our technology and opportunities, contact us today.


Vulnerability Intelligence - Top Benefits for Organizations

  • Vulnerability data
    Access to one of the largest vulnerability databases in the market (50,000+ advisories).
  • Reliable data to support your offerings
    Verified, reliable vulnerability information incorporated into your products and services.
  • Reduce operations costs
    Information from a trusted source of information reduces resources spent on researching disclosed vulnerabilities.
  • Increase your brand reputation
    Associate your company and products with a renowned brand in the vulnerability intelligence industry.

Secunia Scanning Technology -Top Benefits for Organizations

  • Accurate software detection
    Software detection for multiple use; be it asset management, compliance reporting or IT management.
  • Correlation with Secuniaís vulnerability intelligence
    Assessment of the patch status for over 20,000 applications.
  • Introduce a competitive edge
    Enhance your products' capabilities with Secunia's best-of-breed technology and set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Rely on a committed partner
    Secunia is committed to vulnerability intelligence and to our technologies.

Interested in joining the Secunia OEM Partner Program?

Integrate our acclaimed technology into your product platforms and enhance your existing solution portfolio.

Please contact us at to find out more about Secunia's OEM opportunities.